Monday, 3 October 2016

Tips for Starting the College Search Process!

The search for the "perfect" college  can be an extremely overpowering and intimidating process, but only if you allow for such. I might be biased, but I believe the faculty search process is among the most exciting times of a young adult's life! Where will he or she spend the following four years? What kind of fantastic connections and camaraderie that are bona fide will he/she make? Like most other things in life, there is no perfect way to start other than simply diving in and considering to find the best.

I've put together a few suggestions to make the quest to locate the "correct" school simpler:

1) START EARLY! I cannot stress this enough. I believe that it makes all the difference in the whole world. Many customers ask me how early is not too late. For me, there are two kinds of faculty visits you should undertake prior to your student's senior year. The first, merely a visit to see what college is like school manages, and to get an overall feel for college campuses. These kind of trips can begin very early with the prime time for such visits occurring during a pupil's 7th, 8th, and 9th grade years. The second kind of visit is a more targeted one with particular goals in mind. These sorts of excursions to narrow down the school playing field are best suited, in my own opinion for the summer.

There are over 2,000 four-year colleges in the India . alone; as a student's junior year approaches, it is time to narrow the playing field. How can you try this? RESEARCH. As a private school consultant, this is my favorite part of the job... identical student's strengths, interests, desires, and family financial situations to potential schools. At times I feel like a matchmaker of sorts, and I will be always so thrilled when one of my students falls in love with a faculty I've located for them. On making your prospective college lists, but the following are some fundamental tools that I use when researching schools I am planning a whole other post:

The greatest 379 Schools (2015). If you look on Amazon, you will find dozens (if not more) of faculty guide books. This is hands down my favorite. I find myself coming back to the Princeton Review, although I do occasionally browse others.

•U.S. News Faculty Compass. This is updated yearly (with a $30 fee) with positions centered on heaps of different categories. I highly recommend spending the annual fee to obtain this info that is amazing.

This is a terrific website for students which can be just beginning their college search.

3) Request School Brochures. Once you've narrowed down the playing field, look up your prospective colleges and request info! I love every one of its resources and the net, but you'll find nothing quite like a glossy pamphlet or brochure to help me fall in love.

4) Revisit Schools. The summer before a even the spring break before, or a student's senior year, is an excellent time to revisit the schools that are top on a student's list. This time you need to get into the nitty gritty of campus life and academic! Schedule a tour for sure, request a meeting with an adviser or admissions representative, tour those dorm rooms, see a course if let, check the town out, ASK QUESTIONS.

5) DON'T STRESS! In all honesty, there really is NOT such a thing as the "perfect" school. It might not be the perfect school for you while Harvard might function as right fit for the man sitting facing you in CHEM II. Don't stress. This can be an incredibly exciting time in life where the road ahead is limitless... make the faculty search process an exciting time too.

Please contact us if we at Select Academic Consulting can help you in any way during your college search/application/interview process. And, stay tuned, for our tips on making a potential faculty list.

Please investigate our private faculty counseling services (both electronic and local in the Dallas, TX area), and let us know how we can help you with your college search!

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